• "Hawk in Flight"
  • "Holly Robins"
  • "Starry Nativity (No. 1)"
"Hawk in Flight"
"Holly Robins"
"Starry Nativity (No. 1)"


"We have two Faith Landry paintings in our house and they are two of my absolute favorite pieces that make up our home. There is something about the way she depicts nature that brings me great peace in an often chaotic world."

Chelsea Adamo

A few years ago, my husband and I commissioned Faith to create a painting for us to capture a piece of our journey. We were walking through a rather difficult season. Faith’s art has always spoken to my soul. Her art is beautiful and it also whispers to me that I am seen and known. Her piece is a treasure in my home, one I often look to, still my heart to see God, and one many others ask about. I love getting to tell them about Faith’s gift and talent and I get to share with them about how God meets us where we are, in our hard places.

Katie Ricchuiti

When I first saw one of Faith Landry's paintings, it awoke within me a sense of wonder and awe in our world. I asked if Faith would create a large commissioned piece for my home, and absolutely love the resulting expansive night sky landscape over a village aglow. I moved into my first house a few weeks ago, and when I set this painting on the mantle my house first felt like home.

Leah Phillippi

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